I accept it is possible the odd farmer will successfully appeal on temporary grounds, which were beyond their control.Those who exit will then need to meet Arla, Muller and Red Tractor standards or face being forced to leave the industry.

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From February it will also go out of home to spread the word about the natural goodness that you produce every day to ensure more consumers and families fall in love with dairy products.

Dont shoot the messenger, but the milk market is tanking down now!

But its up to all of us to get behind it, and give it a good go.

The campaign has kick started on social media right now.

It will be a challenge to get our message across with these so called millennials, but we have to start somewhere and now because with half of them supposedly attempting to reduce dairy product consumption if we do nothing this could rise to 60% in ten years time.

The campaign is designed to surprise and excite consumers, in particular to make them re-assess the positive role dairy products play in their diet.

For example, cream was comfortably at 2.95 to 3.00 and is now trading at 2.25, which is still a good price but a 70p plus drop in cream is roughly a 7ppl milk price reduction in income!

has missed the boat and will find further upward price discussions extremely difficult, if not impossible.

I took time to read the weighty tome, and one line particularly caught my eye: If we want to change consumers behaviours, we need to change how we behave as a category.

As regular readers will know I have for decades supported the funding of carefully thought out generic dairy campaigns to promote and defend our products, and for us all to be seen to be proud of what we produce.

Sadly several farmers in the exit pile have failed in terms of their farms tidiness and cleanliness and allegedly some dont even understand why their farms image is relevant to Tesco!