Doctors recommend it to take for two months for periods normalize.

Apcod Sachet is a nutritional supplement for women enriched with Myo-Inositol, L-Methyl Folate and Vitamin D3.

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It also improves overall ovarian function and ovulation.

Thus , key benefits of Apcod Sachet are: Restores normal menstruation Reduces symptoms associated with PCOS: alopecia, Hirsutism(facial hair) etc.

HI, APCOD sachets are Vitamin D3 in Powder form packed in Sachet marketed by Shield Healthcare Chennai.

It is alternative medicine for vitamins supplements.

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Hi, I am PCOS and currently taking APCOD csince past 2 and a half months. You try to reduce your weight by diet and exercise . If ovulation is not happening properly and timely , person will have irregular cycles . Not all the products are available in all parts of india . Vitamin D3 has an efficient role in improving the insulin resistance.Whereas, Folic Acid and Myo-Inositol corrects the hormonal balance.It is an ideal supplement for women suffering from Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS).