He was far too famous to ever indulge in such simple pleasures again, but perhaps a solo road trip – with some extra precautions – would clear his head.

"They measure you and match the color of your hair, so it was like a genuine moustache with real glue," he told biographer Barry Miles in Many Years From Now.

"And I had a couple of pairs of glasses made with clear lenses, which just made me look a bit different.

Harrison also went abroad several weeks later, pursuing his love of Indian culture by going to the source.

Accompanied by his wife Patti, he made a pilgrimage to Mumbai to study sitar under the tutelage of virtuoso Ravi Shankar.

Mc Cartney himself relaxed in the 20-seat passenger area for the duration of the plane-ferry's brief flight to Le Touquet, France.

After clearing customs, he disguised his world-famous face with a false mustache specially made by Wig Creations, who had worked with the Beatles on the set of A Hard Day's Night.

A character is driven to become the best there is — the richest man in town, the best martial artist in the world, the emperor of the galaxy..succeeds.

But, along the way, the character winds up abandoning or betraying everyone and everything they ever valued.

They will inevitably wind up bitter and alone, having fulfilled their great obsession, but pondering everything they lost in the pursuit — just before losing the thing they obsessed over too.

("If only I'd never left the family farm/talked to that man/become a model/signed that contract/etc.") This is often a form of reversed Wish Fulfillment for the viewer, as the average person wants to be able to think that the things they don't have (such as an abnormal amount of money, power, skill or beauty) won't lead to happiness, conveniently forgetting how, in real life, there are plenty of poor, enslaved, stupid and ugly people that unhappy.

Ringo Starr was joyfully playing the family man, spending time with his wife Maureen and baby son Zak in his Surrey estate, Sunny Heights. "I'm just looking for something I enjoy doing," he told the Sunday Times that September. I have the time and the money." For a while he followed his songwriting partner into the cinematic realm by seeking offers to compose a soundtrack.