Though Imperial Russia played an enormous role in the development of Alaska, few examples of its colonial architecture survive in the state.However, the Russian Bishop's House, completed in 1842, is a rare throwback to when Sitka was known as New Archangel and served as the Russian colonial capital. Honorable Mention: The Oscar Anderson House, one of the oldest homes in Anchorage and its only house museum.

But, like all good historic homes, the structure nearly didn't make it.

When Historic Denver was incorporated in 1970, the group made a successful plea to save the home from the threat of urban renewal that sacrificed so many of the city's historic treasures. Honorable Mention: The space-age, elliptical Sleeper House in Golden, so called for its appearance in the 1973 Woody Allen movie of the same numerous other works.

Treasures are out there, just waiting to be found, and some of them may be closer to you than you think.

Older homes that date back one hundred years or more have a very good chance of holding a treasure; and these old homes are in cities and towns across America. Also, many of our first settlers were very independent individuals, they wanted total control of their lives, and their possessions, including their money and valuables.

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But that doesn't stop you from enjoying a vibrant pastel tableau from your picnic spot in Alamo Square, located across the street.

Honorable Mention: The bizarrely captivating Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, an eccentric Victorian mansion rife with architectural oddities.

Plenty of mediocre homes become museums on account of their famous residents.

Titanic legend Margaret "Molly" Brown's house is an exception; not only was the residence home to one of history's most illustrious women, it also happens to be an incredible piece of eclectic, Victorian-era architecture.

Visit Nemours to stroll portions of the property's 300 magnificent acres. Honorable Mention: Winterthur, Henry Francis du Pont's childhood home, now a renowned museum of American decorative arts.