Many feel honoured that you trust them enough to expose the deepest, darkest secrets about yourself in this way.

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The trust had been broken between us, and this is what hurt her the most.

It took some years to get this back, and even still….

However I also knew that my admission may have meant I was living this gloriously authentic life on my own in a little one bedroom apartment downtown, with her having taken the two kids and everything else, except my self-definition as a bisexual man. Many of the married men who tell their wives they are bisexual are pleasantly surprised by the support they receive from their spouses.

From the stories I’ve heard, and my own experiences, I can say that people will surprise you with understanding, love, and empathy.

Telling her before engaging in sexual activity allows both of you to work through the meaning of your newly-found sexual orientation.

You can discuss how you’re feeling; what you’d like to do; the confusion you’ve been grappling with; your need to act on your desire, to explore, etc.Five years later I absolutely love being an out bisexual man: I love being able to flirt with both sexes!It is very very empowering to present oneself authentically – to one’s spouse, friends, and the world at large.It felt great to finally come to that conclusion – after struggling with my bisexuality all my life.Acknowledging this to myself felt amazing; for the first time in my life I’d put on a suit which finally fit me perfectly.) I figured she’d freak out when she heard, running and screaming from me – although she’d never done anything like that before.