I think ezine made the criteria stricter to increase their profile.now if you are somehow able to get your articles published in ezine it would have a greater impact on your own website (that is if you are putting links inside your articles)..

Remember that some article directories only allow 2 links in the author resource box and not in the article.

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[QUOTE=websolutions_777;1650732]Hi, Can anyone please share me some tips to get the articles approved by Ezinearticles ? It ALL STARTS with GOOD CONTENT, with no grammer errors.

Here is the most effective way which has given me and my clients the BEST results fast.

Of course if people read the submission guidelines they'd know if they was allowed to add a link in the article body or not.

I need to find time this weekend to write another article to submit to ezine. lol As far as back-links are concerned Ezine allows a total limit of (4) active or inactive links in the article, which consists of both the BODY and the RESOURCE BOX.

Ezine articles have got a strict quality check on your submitted articles.

Some of the suggestion will be made before you submit by way of javascript enabled checking. Read their guidelines before submitting the article.

Ezine got hit with the panda update and has changed there guidelines up.

They was strict before the update but now even stricter and focus more on quality and other stuff that's mentioned in the guidelines.

What I did was pull up a bunch of related articles to my topic and I just compared and I was in.

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I have yet to submit an article since they got nailed with the panda update.