Just making that shift in thinking is huge and will put you on your path.Coming to the RSD paradigm originally for the success with women it's pretty crazy how much it really applies to work.

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Because the ideas sound pretty difficult to absorb if it's not a daily "way of life." I thought it was a bit of the same thing all over again. When you feel entitled, all you see is opportunity and whatever is 'in the way' gets blocked out. Of course brain goes "DURR interrupting their study, how would I get to her from over here DURR". Then, as i gained better understanding i 'got it' and went back to the videos where I thought you were just crazy. I'm all about momentum now, it's about doing shit babyyy ! It seemed like you shooked a little bit the people from Cisco, in a positve way and made them think more deeper than they may be used to do, due to their job or other things. :) I also found Julien,s v Blog very cool, short, straight to the point and I think it´s a very cool topic this one you guys are talking about recentrly about being congruent, more aunthentic and not trying to convey value all the time, laying back . : D By the way, I have signed to Madrid´s free Tour in August but as it´s my first RSD event I don´t know when will I know the hotel or place where it would be taking place, I guess you haven´t reserved the room of the event yet as you dont know how much people is coming. But you are so passionate and honest about it I can't help BUT to be drawn into your reality. The one thing I saw, to be completely honest, was that you just didn't have the same glisten in your eye/passion/charge speaking to them as when you do your RSD dating videos. I know the coroporate speaking world is big business and I'd love to see you up there with eben pagan, tony robbins, and the rest of the big dogs one day. keep it up you've helped me so much in the past few months.

One thing that clicked with me tho was that you have beliefs in what you deserve in life and status. But wait, all I have to do is focus my RAS solely on her! But, do you ever reach a point where that's just your natural self? And accepting that it's gonna be hard sometimes but pushing through that and learning to accept that makes you a man, A REAL MAN OF ACTION ! Hope to hear that information as soon as you guys know it. Alvaro Surprised how little difference there is between the typical rsd free tour speech video and this one..swear words and slightly less goofiness, and a hint more professionalism..a latin audience. Perhaps just a tiny bit nervous in a new environment?? I'm trying to get the logistics down so I can make it to one of your free bootcamps and meet the legend in person!

Bio - Tyler I'm Owen Cook (aka RSD Tyler) the co-founder / executive producer of Real Social Dynamics, and the author of "The Blueprint Decoded" -- I was born in Ottawa Canada (1979) and majored in philosophy at Queens University.

Now live and work in Los Angeles California -- My life consists of managing Real Social Dynamics, running Bootcamp and Hot Seat, going to the gym, reading everything under the sun, and a twice a week surfing habit.Thanks to Tyler and the rest of the RSD team for showing whats possible and putting out such high quality free content on a regular basis.Tyler, in terms of feedback I saw a few people already comment on this but your audience didn't seem that receptive.until the next video :) I don't know why people make distinctions between audiences.If somebody is seating at your presentation room, somehow the want or they need the information that you are about to show.I know the video was edited and doesn't reflect the entire seminar but I get the feeling that doing corporate events is going to present different challenges.