1, Apple 3G, 1, Dell Laptop, please at the battery side of the laptop i put GBP 20, 000.00 ( British Pounds) Please honey use the money get ready for my coming to your country during..don’t tell the courier company about the money please, because i didn’t tell them about the money inside honey, i will be there soon, honey use the money inside the battery side of the laptop put things in other especially making shopping for yourself i will be there by 15th April 2012, the key to the luggage is 590 left key then right key is 556 don’t let anyone know the key number please...

The expected date and time of departure and delivery will be notified to you soonest. Fadi Ibrahim Head, Of Customer Propositions Email: enquiry- [email protected]: Contact; 60169588293 don't believe it, be careful with this scam hello i am victim of that scam also and i sent 300usd with the man name abdul ghani from malaysia custom which is all bullshit and scammer..my story..aware of all men you meet in dating site..specially in of scammer..

Please you are to reconfirm your luggage delivery address in your reply to this mail, Do not hesitate to call or email, should you need any further information. CHARGES INCURRED Administrative...2, 230RM Clearance...2, 300RM Total Amount...4, 530RM (FOUR THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY RINGGIT ONLY) NOTE: Please confirm the above Name and Address for the effective delivery of your package For further inquiry, please email us. My Sweet Darling Wife Honey, I really busy today to arrange for my offshore.

Print my ID card because the delivery agent will ask about it before he hands you over the luggage., the company will contact you honey i gave them all your information to deliver the luggage to you. You’re Loving Husband To Be James Hocker England Dear Valued Customer Kindly find the clearance receipt of your luggage attached, and your luggage will be deliver to your designated address by our delivery officer within 5hours as soon as you have cleared it from Royal Custom Malaysia, who seized it because of the valueable items, We are sorry that we dont have office in your country for now and Kuala Lumpur International Airport Malaysia (KLIA) is our Asia Regional Office, We are very sorry for the inconveniences this might cost you.

But after the payment our delivery officer Mr Abdula Jasim, will fly to deliver your luggage door to door, The total amount with which you clear the luggage is $300USD Which is about (13, 000 Peso) respectively to enable us clear your luggage and make a swift delivery. sorry that u lost money for believing on that James Hocker... binu, I think there are crimes committed by groups of three countries, UK, Malaysia and Indonesia, because I received the exact same email but different senders, user name and password.

Hope your fine, honey i went to 24/7 International Courier Service Limited To send you my love gift, i really want you to know that i love you and admire your love so much...

Inside the Luggage i bought sexy lingerie’s, free adjustable size, Diamond necklace, and Omega Ladies Watch, i bought sweet designer perfume, and nice flower honey, and engagement ring.

Thanks Mrs Mohamed Binti Haminah Secretary of 24-7 International Courier Service Ltd. Heheheh, this time the scammers are not clever enough ... because I got a call from London 447031867675, 447565467347 and I received a phone call or sms from 6285711554722 Indonesia who asked me to transfer some money ... while from Malaysia can be seen from the emails that claim to be a branch office in malaysia who also asked for some money to be transferred on behalf of myself ... lol Names behind the scam: Anderson Jerry, Tom Lewis, Aris Candy, Castro Jerry, Felix Michael, Gerald Ferguson Cole, Jack Robinson, Maxwell Groove, Michael Campbell, Mike O' Brian, Nelson Mike, Robinsin Cole, Richardson D.

Cole, Richy Brown, William Thomas, Martin Hendley, Colins Brown and a lot more...

(wat an asshole) my friend didnt accept to pay the second time and its when that she discovered the sites about the scammers and find that there are others in the same situation as her. Lot A 5, Ground Floor, Bandar Tyng, Jalan Labuk, Mile 6, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah Malaysia Website: Email: [email protected] Kingdom Contact: Tel: (44)7031820869 Fax: (44)7031854621 E-mail: [email protected] Tel: ( 97)6694128901 E-mail: [email protected] Tel: (60)133820993 E-mail: [email protected]: Mr Herlambang, In response to the telephone conversation, please be informed that for fast and easy processes, You are advised to transfer the fee for the clearance of your package through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER. Find below the information of our accountant for the Western Union Money Transfer, to enable us finalize all aspects for the release of your Parcel and for the immediate delivery.

these guys doing these scams should be well punished by the malasian law, cant they react there that these scammers are causing defamation to their country.. I also had bad experience with First Express Logistic Currier Delivery Service in Malaysia. I have Paid 3, 960.00 MYR, But after that I must Pay again the Insurance for : Charge Services: Insurance: 2, 685 RM V. T: 1, 800 RM TOTAL === 4, 485 RM FOUR THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FIVE MALAYSIA RINGGIT Now the package is still hold in Malaysia... Go to hell for all international cheather Malaysia... The name of our account officer for the payment ACCOUNT NAME: NABIL HERMAN ADDRESS: Lot A 5, Ground Floor, Bandar Tyng, Jalan Labuk, Mile 6, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah Mlaysia.

As soon as we received the fees and clear your parcel from the custom your parcel will be delivered to you within the next few hours. Anthony Bernard Admin Head, Customer Propositions First Express Logistic Courier Delivery Services. Here is the billing order as your requested, your tax payment is 1250usd, you pay to the account manager's name. i just got an email like you did guys..a real scam...don't trust anything about this. I WANTED TO SEND IT THROUGH WESTERN UNION OR MONEY GRAM BUT THE COST OF SENDING IT FROM LONDON HERE IS VERY HIGH, SO I DECIDED TO INSERT IT INSIDE THE LUGGAGE.