It’s not responsible, it doesn’t feel like something be happening to a young community in 2017 and we are trying to break that,” Locke says firmly.

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The main distinguishing feature is the ‘Chappy scale’ which allows users to slide between ‘Mr Right’ to ‘Mr Right Now’ depending on whether they are looking for a relationship or something more casual.

“It avoids the first awkward 10 minutes of chatting where you are trying to figure out what someone wants or those first three dates before one of you just wants to hook up and the other is looking for something more serious," co-founder Jack Rogers said.

I'm a taurus I can smell your b.s 😒 Wow it is extremely difficult to sum myself up in this little box, so i'm taking the easy route: Likes: Travel Vegetarian food (cooking and eating) Playing guitar and singing Salsa dancing Languages Running Country walks Open fires (especially after a long country walk) Swimming Politics Folk, jazz, riock and blues music (and many other different types of music) Acting Dislikes: Facists Meat Motor racing House music I am sure there are many more things but mind has gone blank at the moment Pretty laid back person who likes to explore the world, meet interesting people, spend time with loved ones and learn as much as possible. I have 12 piercing and a few tats including a 3/4 sleeve. X thanx for viewing x Iam interested in singing, dancing, I love babysitten an caring for my grandad iam very outspoken an strong minded I love excitement but also enjoy nites in wid a DVD an a bottle of wine I love debating bout life I have a very weird sense of humour but once u get 2 know me u will understand me more.

My name is Lauren, I'm 27 years old from Dorset but now live in London.

My friends would say that I'm a very laid-back stress free person, I'm outgoing and have a good sense of humour – I’m very funny.

A lot of my time is taken up working full time, but in my spare time I don't usually like to sit around - I like to get out and about and explore London! Anything with a good beat and that's alright for me.

I'm an active person when it comes to exploring London and also like lazy days in the park when the sun permits. I'm an outgoing sociable type, I have opinions but I hope I don't force them on others. I like to read, and sing, drink too much Gin - feel really guilty then go for a long run the next day.

I enjoy volunteering (not just because I get to be santimounious down the pub, but that helps! Work takes up loads of my time but spend my free time out with friends in pubs and I'm pretty active.

A new dating app, specifically for gay men, has been launched with the aim to give users a choice between relationships or more casual hook ups.

Chappy, a fusion of ‘choice’ and ‘happy’ is the brainchild of Ollie Locke – of fame – and Jack Rogers.

Additionally, users cannot display photos unless their faces are in it – another way in which it is priding itself on being safe for users.