There is two type of channels available in Roku – Public Channels & Private Channels.Roku allows you to search & browse Public Channels directly through the players but the number of Public Channels are very few.

Features some video content from NASA and from all other world's space agencies and all its videos are neatly categorized into Featurettes, Deep Sky, Solar System, Space Travel, Historical, and Astrophysics. It includes Kids, News, Sports, Movies, Music, TV Series on Demand, etc.

XTV offers a wide selection of television channels from around the world including the UK, Canada and the U. Add any of the desired Roku private channels you want from above the list.

Amazon Video began in the United States as Amazon Unbox in 2006, but did not launch worldwide until 2016.

In 2008, owned by NBC and Fox, was launched, followed by in 2009 and owned by CBS.

"Over-the-top" (OTT) is the delivery of audio, video, and other media over the Internet without the involvement of a multiple-system operator (such as a cable television provider) in the control or distribution of the content.

It has several elements: Examples include: For a more complete list, see List of Internet television providers and List of video hosting services.

So, if you want to add any private channel to your Roku, you need the channel’s code (which I am providing in the list below) and then, follow these steps: Alternatively, Instead of the channel code, you can follow the special link of the channel (if provided) to directly get redirected to the channel page inside Roku to add the desired channel.

The channel will appear automatically after 24-hours (when Roku refreshes itself).

It is sometimes called web television, though this phrase is also used to describe the genre of TV shows broadcast only online.

The mid 2000s were the beginning of television programs becoming available via the Internet.

Apps for mobile devices started to become available via app stores in 2008.