She told Mastin that Scott was frequently late to practice, and exhibited poor body language.

Schooler said she didn’t make fun of Scott or talk inappropriately about her relationship.

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The second plaintiff, Wilson, played on the women’s basketball team during the 2015-16 school year.

Wilson arrived in the fall of 2015, and due to academic ineligibility was placed on redshirt status, Schooler wrote.

“The constant pressure to broadcast details of her teammates’ private lives in exchange for an athletic scholarship or tuition waiver was more than Plaintiff Wilson could handle, leaving her with no choice but to resign from the team.” The college’s internal investigation into Wilson’s claim found that Schooler’s actions more likely than not violated the college’s non-discrimination and sexual harassment policies.

Schooler “introduced the issue of intra-team dating relationships as a potential pitfall for the team, then sanctioned and enforced a prohibition against those relationships, and expected players to do the same,” Mastin wrote in a Nov. “The effect of the prohibition and its enforcement singled-out and treated same-sex, intra-team dating relationships differently, as compared to other types of relationships that could potentially create pitfalls for the team, and in doing so Coach Schooler discriminated against students on the basis of sexual orientation.” Wilson first met with Mastin on April 26, 2016, when she reported that she had experienced discrimination and verbal abuse from Schooler.

“…We had no idea there was a problem in regards to the shirt.

I told her I admired that she was so comfortable with herself.” Schooler cut Scott from the team in May 2015.

As for the Gay Pride shirt, Schooler said she didn’t make derogatory remarks about it.

“Any conversations about the shirt were initiated by her teammates and herself,” Schooler wrote.

During a November 2015 meeting, Schooler pressured Wilson to hold players who were dating teammates accountable by telling them that their actions negatively affected the entire team, court documents state.