Everyone loved Kim’s character, people related to her — and [Kim’s] salary wasn’t showing that.” Even with more money, by the time filming started, things were awkward.

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Last week, Sarah Jessica Parker squashed dreams with a sharpened stiletto heel when, out of the blue, she released a statement confirming that there would be no third “Sex and the City” movie: “I’m disappointed.

We had this beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, joyful, very relatable script.” Parker, notoriously self-conscious about her nice-girl image, didn’t point fingers — but she didn’t have to.

To be thought of as some kind of diva is ridiculous.” She told Morgan that she had no idea when she last spoke to her co-stars, and that no one had reached out when the reports began circulating about her holding up the film.

“Nobody ever picks up the phone and tries to contact you and say, ‘How you doing?

‘ That would have been the way to handle it,” she added.

“This is, it feels like, a toxic relationship.” While some people were shocked, this nail in the coffin — for the franchise and the relationship between Cattrall and Parker — was a long time coming.And it has everything to do with jealousy, rivalry and money.To understand what really happened, you have to go back to the beginning.As Cattrall’s friend told me, “When an actress doesn’t do a [sequel], it’s because of two things: respect and compensation. But Kim, who played Samantha in the HBO series, couldn’t bear to work with SARAH JESSICA PARKER again.One thing’s stayed the same: She doesn’t stay in touch with her “SATC” co-stars.