Do you honestly believe you could trust a man like this?

Each session includes worship, teaching, and group ministry time.

Sessions include: Restoring Gender Wholeness: Masculinity, Restoring Gender Wholeness: Femininity, Needs of the Human Heart, Abuse and Trauma, Overcoming Addiction, Codependency, Forgiveness, and Bitterness, Narcissism and Relational Idolatry.

I repeat, this man once proclaimed to thousands of people that Theo Phostic principle and practice came by DIVINE INSTRUCTION – and now he claims that several elements of that very instruction are “out of date” and were influenced by practices that he now rejects and acknowledges as false!!!

Ask yourself, what really is the credibility of a man who, only a short time ago, claimed emphatically that God ) and then says some of that very instruction was NOT from God after all and was inspired by false practices?

The section from the book where this quote was taken has since been amended in Smith’s newly revised book, Healing Life’s Hurts Through Theo Phostic Prayer.

Ed now claims, to be amended and there are large amounts of unbiblical and false teaching contained in the teaching materials still! When asked who needs Theophostic prayer, Ed Smith’s website boldly answered the question saying, #15 – Miscellaneous Questions ( if these facts alone weren’t cause enough for concern, the ministry also has published specialized training guides for Roman Catholics, claiming that Theophostic ministry works just as well with the doctrines and practices of Roman Catholicsm – not even dealing with the fact that Roman Catholic doctrine and practice does NOT align with pure biblical doctrine or first century historical Christianity and, in fact, teaches a different Gospel entirely! Theo Phostic Counseling, Theophostic Ministry) shares most of its fundamental beliefs with Recovered Memory Therapy (a.k.a. During the 1980s and 1990s, RMT seriously harmed many tens of thousands of its victims, drove some to suicide, and disrupted tens of thousands of families of origin.

This man clearly propagated error in the name of God! He led people into error, claiming to be convinced of a certainty that God was leading him and that God directly gave him these practices!

He persuaded people to trust his report and, inadvertently, accept false teaching.

Single Life Workshop 11 weeks, weekly on Wednesdays –pm starting September 20th.