You can integrate 1-click subscription button in your websites, just like you would for an RSS reader or Podcast manager (AKA Podcatcher). Most importantly you should offer RSS feeds (or some other syndication format) so that users can subscribe to your content and receive updates automatically.The TVersity Screen Server will display it as long as your PC is currently playing it.

The TVersity Screen Server will display any media on your target device as long as your PC is currently playing it (via any media player).

The TVersity Media Server is designed such that almost anything you can play on Windows Media Player, whether it resides locally on your computer or located on the Internet, should also play on any of the supported devices, despite the fact that these devices do not natively support many of these media formats.

Please refer to the Features page for more information about the current release.

Yes, in addition to the GUI, the TVersity Media Server has a command line utility that can help you do that.

Here are step by step instructions: is the port on which the server is configured to listen (by default the Media Server used port 41952 and the Screen Server uses port 41954).

If you are currently running TVersity on this computer with the default port, and would like to see the GUI click here for the Media Server or here for the Screen Server.You can even use the command line tool in conjunction with some task scheduling tool (like the one that comes with Windows) to schedule a synchronization task if you wish to achieve some advanced scenario (say add or refresh a folder automatically after some other event occurs).The TVersity Media Server and Screen Server are configured by default to reject requests originating from outside your home network and therefore with this configuration any attempt to access your media from the Internet will be blocked (if you wish to access your media remotely you will need to enable remote connections and set a username and password for such connections).The TVersity Screen Server will display substitles as long as your PC is currently displaying subtitles.The TVersity Media Server can display subtitles only when the media is transcoded and assuming your ffdshow filter is configured to do so.Even huge libraries (100,000 items and more) will be synchronized very quickly (less than a minute if nothing changed).